5 of the Best Zoos in the World

toronto zoo

Plenty of travellers are also animal lovers, and one of the best things to do when you’re on holiday is visit a local zoo! Getting to see animals that you don’t see in your everyday life is just part of the magic of visiting a zoo, especially with your children.


Welsh Mountain Zoo – Colwyn Bay
Established in 1963, this 37 acre zoo is now run by the Zoological Society of Wales. There are many fantastic exhibits to see, including the Eurasian Otters and the Humboldt Penguins. Wander the paths among the trees, and explore the rolling hills. You may even see a badger!


Toronto Zoo – Ontario
This is one of the most fun zoos in the world, thanks to the incredible exhibits. There’s 5000 animals here, with enclosures for endangered animals both native and from other countries. The stingray touch tanks are a particular favourite of most visitors.


San Diego Zoo – California
San Diego Zoo covers 100 acres and houses nearly 4000 animals. A lot of guests take the guided tour bus, because the terrain is quite hilly. You can get on and off at exhibits though, so don’t think you’ll be stuck on the bus the whole time. There are many animals in simulations of their natural habitats, and the giant sloths especially are a lot of fun to see.


Australia Zoo – Sunshine Coast
Founded by Steve Irwin, the late Crocodile Hunter, this is a very hands-on zoo. There are shows throughout the day, and so much to see and do. To get the full experience, making a booking to get the best time possible and ensure you get to do everything you want to.


Philadelphia Zoo – Pennsylvania
This zoo was established in 1874, which makes it America’s first zoo! It’s well-known for its breeding program for endangered species, and the amazing simulation of the animal inhabitants’ natural habitats. They even offer, on rare occasions, camping overnight for the kids. It’s an experience they’ll never forget.


These 5 zoos are our picks for some of the best zoos you’ll ever visit when you’re travelling the world. Anyone who loves animals will enjoy seeing the amazing habitats and programs the zoos employ to keep the animal population happy and healthy. And they’re a fantastic opportunity to get up close to animals you wouldn’t see at home!

Things To Consider When Looking For A Place To Visit For A Long Travel Vacation

long travel vacationWhen you plan for a short vacation, you think of what you want to do and what you want to accomplish during that trip. However, it is going to be different when you are preparing for a longer vacation.

Long travel vacations may require you to make extensive planning as you need to look for more ways you can enjoy that long travel vacation. You will need to consider the place you want to stay, the activities you want to do, and the time you will consume travelling. There are many vacation attractions to see out there and you may be confused about the many choices you have.

Here are some tips to help you sort out the possible places you can go:

Consider your budget. The places you can visit will depend on your budget. If money is no object, you may want to go backpacking. There are great backpacking destinations in Europe and Asia. Just to give you some destination idea for a nice backpacking experience, try Budapest in Hungary, Berlin in Germany or Santorini in Greece.

However, if you are on a pretty tight budget, consider other countries that will not break your budget. Plan accordingly and create an itinerary. This will help you allocate your budget and see where you will spend your money.

And of course, never forget to bring extra cash with you. You never know what extra spending will come up while on a trip.

Plan what you want to do. There are a lot of things you can do while on a trip but it is important that you know what your priorities are. Know the recreational activities you want to experience in the place you intend to visit. Also, consider if you are you will be moving from one place to another or staying in one place for the entire vacation.

Travel Tips To Avoid Common Travel Booking Mistakes

travel tips redbank plainsTravelling, even on a tight budget, can be successful if you plan your trip wisely. However, many travellers, even the experienced ones, have fallen into the common travel booking mistakes.

We take a look at the most common booking many travellers have been making too often.

A very early booking

Many travellers end up making a mistake when they book very early as in many cases they do it in haste without researching well and planning of the trip. The problem here is when there is a change of plan you will have to make an adjustment with your booking and this may cost additional charges.

Booking too Late

You are at a disadvantage when you book late for your travel. First, you have limited opted option. You have very little chance of finding what you desire for, especially when you plan to travel during the peak season. Adding to your misery is the ridiculously high price of the remaining tickets. Your desired seats may no longer be available when you do last minute booking.

Booking without comparing fares

This is bad booking practice. If you happen to find what seems to be a cheap fare, you want to make sure that you found the best deal you can find. Many travellers end up making a wrong choice when they booked without comparing fares and routes. You can find comparison websites to help you make a careful selection.

Not Reading Reviews

Never ignore reviews as they can be lifesavers. For many travellers, reviews are very helpful as they get all the information they need that is critical in their judgement. You do not have to rely heavily on reviews but it’s still a good booking practice.

Not paying attention to details

Never ignore the small details or conditions printed in an agreement or contract. Many people tend to ignore the small details or fine print. It is one of the practices you need to remember when making reservations.

Solo Traveller’s Guide – Ways To Meet People When You Travel Solo

solo traveller's guide gold coastDo you know that even if you travel by yourself that there are a lot of things that you can do? Here are some on our list:

Make friends with the locals

Approach the locals and start making friend with them. Even a wave and a smile can make a difference of someone approaching you and make friends with you or just doing a lonely walk back to your hotel. Don’t be shy talking to them since they may just be open to talking you too. When you make friends with the people at your destination, there is an opportunity for you to see the local life which other travellers rarely experience.

Make friends with other travellers

Even when you are travelling, you can learn a new culture just by talking to another traveller. Imagine learning about French culture while in Myanmar. This is really possible especially if you found a traveller from France with whom you can share life experiences.

The secret is to look for solo travellers like yourself or even a couple and start by smiling at them and saying “Hi” as you walk past them. If they say Hi back, then you are in luck. You can follow this by just asking the most common questions like “Where are you guys from?” or “Are you travelling alone too?” If they answer back, then ask them more questions because it means they also want to talk to you too.

You will know it right away if they are interested in talking or not if both of you are eager to know more about each other and if both are trying to make the conversation work. If you are the only one asking questions, then they might not be interested so better leave them be and probably find the next traveller to converse with.

Useful Tips For A Successful Adventure Trip

adveture tripAre you planning to take an adventure trip? There are plenty of attractive destinations for an exciting adventure tour. But before you indulge yourself in big thrills in incredible locations, here are useful tips to consider:

The fun comes at a price. Most adventure destinations are set in distant locations, which means more on the travel expense. You can find cheaper travel fare when you reserve your ticket well in advance, like six months before your intended travel date.

Do a thorough research. Make sure that you choose a reliable travel agency or tour operator. Do a thorough research about the company. Ask for safety certifications and licenses. You may also want to check genuine customer feedback on their experiences with the company. Avoid low-cost, shady companies.

Get your body in good condition. Adventure trips are physically demanding. Get yourself physically and emotionally ready before your trip. Being in great shape can make your journey a fun and successful one.

Get insured. For any trip, having a travel insurance is always beneficial. You get peace of mind knowing that your travel is insured. You may check policies for your safety from your tour operator.

Pack efficiently. It may not be easy to think about all that you need for the trip. You need to be well prepared for weather condition of the country you intend to visit. Be sure to bring only the things you really need for the trip and avoid over packing.

Expect the unexpected. Adventure trips can be unpredictable so be prepared for the unexpected. Always be ready to manage what comes in your way in a positive way.