5 of the Best Zoos in the World

toronto zoo

Plenty of travellers are also animal lovers, and one of the best things to do when you’re on holiday is visit a local zoo! Getting to see animals that you don’t see in your everyday life is just part of the magic of visiting a zoo, especially with your children.


Welsh Mountain Zoo – Colwyn Bay
Established in 1963, this 37 acre zoo is now run by the Zoological Society of Wales. There are many fantastic exhibits to see, including the Eurasian Otters and the Humboldt Penguins. Wander the paths among the trees, and explore the rolling hills. You may even see a badger!


Toronto Zoo – Ontario
This is one of the most fun zoos in the world, thanks to the incredible exhibits. There’s 5000 animals here, with enclosures for endangered animals both native and from other countries. The stingray touch tanks are a particular favourite of most visitors.


San Diego Zoo – California
San Diego Zoo covers 100 acres and houses nearly 4000 animals. A lot of guests take the guided tour bus, because the terrain is quite hilly. You can get on and off at exhibits though, so don’t think you’ll be stuck on the bus the whole time. There are many animals in simulations of their natural habitats, and the giant sloths especially are a lot of fun to see.


Australia Zoo – Sunshine Coast
Founded by Steve Irwin, the late Crocodile Hunter, this is a very hands-on zoo. There are shows throughout the day, and so much to see and do. To get the full experience, making a booking to get the best time possible and ensure you get to do everything you want to.


Philadelphia Zoo – Pennsylvania
This zoo was established in 1874, which makes it America’s first zoo! It’s well-known for its breeding program for endangered species, and the amazing simulation of the animal inhabitants’ natural habitats. They even offer, on rare occasions, camping overnight for the kids. It’s an experience they’ll never forget.


These 5 zoos are our picks for some of the best zoos you’ll ever visit when you’re travelling the world. Anyone who loves animals will enjoy seeing the amazing habitats and programs the zoos employ to keep the animal population happy and healthy. And they’re a fantastic opportunity to get up close to animals you wouldn’t see at home!